International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Hotel "Slovakia", Saratov, Russia
July 8-14, 1996

Conference Programme

Please contact with Dr. A.B. Neiman for questions regarding to the programme.

Sunday, July 7

Registration (startin g at 14:00)

Monday, July 8

Registration (starting at 8:00)

Morning Chair: A. R. Bulsara
8:45 Welcome to the participants

9:45 Yu. L. Klimontovich
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Description of the Second Order Phase Transitions

10:30 W. Ebeling
Statistical Theory and Microscopic Simulations of Local Activation processes

11:15 Coffee break

11:45 P. V. E. McClintock
Zero-Dispersion Stochastic Resonance

12:30 J. Kurths
Phase Synchronization of Chaotic Self-Oscillatory Systems

13:15 Lunch break

Afternoon Chair: P. V. E. McClintock
15:00 D. I. Trubetskov
Nonlinear Dynamics and Microwave Electronics

15:45 L. Schimansky-Geier
Stochastic Resonance: Informational Aspects and Distributed Systems

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 T. Shimizu
Deterministic Nonlinear Brownian Motion Driven by a Chaotic Force

17:45 M. Hasler
Synchronization of Chaotic Systems and Transmission of Information

18:30 W. Ditto
Control of Chaos in Biological Systems -- Hearts and Brains

19:15 Welcome dinner

Tuesday, July 9

Morning Chair: W. Ditto
9:00 J. Kadtke
Nonlinear Classification of Biologic Signals Using Global Dynamical Models

9:30 M. Spano
Maintaining Chaos in Physical and Biological Systems

10:00 R. Katz
Nonlinear/Chaotic Dynamics in Human Physiology

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 E. Mosekilde
Bifurcations Analysis of Kidney Pressure and Flow Regulation

11:30 C. S. Lainscsek
Global Modeling and Prediction of Three Dimensional System

12:00 D. M. Sonechkin
Climate Dynamics as a Nonlinear Brownian Motion

12:30 R. Balocchi
Complexity and Predictability of the Heartbeat Time Series in Normal and Transplanted Subjects

13:00 Lunch break

Afternoon Chair: W. Ebeling
14:30 S. K. Han
Chaotic Bursting Behavior of Coupled Neural Oscillators

15:00 V. Yakhno
Autowaves in Neuron-Like Medium

15:30 S. Kim
Synchronization and Clustering in a Nonlinear Neural Oscillator Network Based on Physiological Models

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 M. Makishima
Wandering Motion and Cooperative Phenomena in a Chaotic Neural Network

17:00 H. A. Braun
Computer Simulations of Neuronal Signal Transduction: The Role of Nonlinear Dynamics and Noise

17:30 Yu.V. Andreev
Fractal Properties of Speech Signals

18:00 Bus "Old and new Saratov"

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Poster session
Agulova L. P., Sarychev V. T., Tsiplukhin K. A.
The Dynamics of Chaotic States of Cardiac Rhythm

Agulova L. P., Baiko I. Yu.
Hemodynamic "Paradoxes" in Arterial Hypertension Patients as the Results of Interfunctional ties Nonlinearity

Oleg L. Anosov, A. V. Kirykhin, Yu. K. Kononovich, O.Ya.Butkovskii, Yu.A.Kravtsov
Model Using in the State Space for Inverse Problem Solution to Heard Rhythm Dynamics

T. G. Anishchenko, N. B. Igosheva, P. I. Saparin
Physiological Methods and Methods of Nonlinear Dynamics in Evaluation of Cardiovascular Effects of Stress in Humans

E. S. Mchedlova, A. D. Trubetskov
Modelling of the Shift Work with Various Rapids of Rotations

G. A. Savostyanov, N. M. Grefner and O.F. Lutskaja
Symmetry of Epithelial Tissues as a Result of Self-Organization Processes

V. S. Anishchenko, N. B. Janson, A. N. Pavlov
One Method of Restoring Ingomogenous Attractors

Vl. Bondarenko
Self-Organization Processes in Chaotic Neural Networks Under External Periodic Force

Dmitry A. Kuminov
Recurrent Neural Networks With Complex Dynamics as a Medium for Information Processing

A. V. Spirov
Pattern-Form Interaction Models of Biological Morphogenesis

M. E. Shirokov, S. O. Starkov
Synchronization in Ensembles of Coupled Maps and Its Application to Information Processing

I. Iwasaki
Interacting Brownian Particles as a Model of Neural Network

Alexei Potapov
Characteristic Scales of Reconstruction Distortions

H.G.J. van Mil
Physiology of the Cell in a Minimal Description of the Membrane Potential

Wednesday, July 10

Morning Chair: L. Schimansky-Geier
9:00 A. R. Bulsara
Noise, Reductionism and Neural Coding

9:45 P. Jung
Pattern Formation and Spatiotemporal Stochastic Resonance: Theory and Experiment

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 P. S. Landa
Noise-Induced Phase Transitions and Turbulence

11:45 K. Lindenberg
Nonclassical Kinetics in Constrained Geometries: Initial Condition and Finite Size effects

12:30 A. N. Malakhov
Exact Relaxation Times and Metastable State Decay Times for Brownian Diffusion in Arbitrary Potential Profiles

13:00 Lunch break

Afternoon Chair: A. N. Malakhov
15:00 P. Park
Polymer Translocation through a Pore in Membrane

15:30 M. Bier
Reversals of Noise Induced Flow in a 3-State Fluctuating Potential

16:00 D. Postnov
Symmetric and Asymmetric Hopping Dynamics in Noisy Electronic Circuits

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 R. Bartussek
Brownian motors: How noise is transferred into transport

17:30 D. G. Luchinsky
Focusing and Caustics in Optimal Paths for Large Fluctuations in Nonequilibrium Systems

18:00 B. Spagnolo
Probability Distribution of the Residence Times in a Periodically Fluctuating Metastable System

18:30 A. V. Polovinkin
The Nonstationary Diffusion by Phase Transitions of II Order: Analytical Description

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Poster session
O. L. Sirotkin
Calculation of One-type Non-Markov Generation-Recombination Process

Seunghwan Kim, Seon Hee Park, Chang Soo Ryu, and Seung Kee Han
Dynamics of Globally Coupled Rotators with Multiplicative Noise

F. de Pasquale and B. Spagnolo
Stochastic Model of Population Dynamics

N. V. Agudov
The Stochastic resonance for a Wide Range of Noise Intensity

Michael V. Davidovich
Noise-Switched Tunnel Diode Amplifier on Microwave

A. N. Malakhov, A. L. Pankratov
The Exact Life Time of the Metastable State in Titled Cosinusoidal Potential Profile

Andrey L. Pankratov
The Relaxation Time Exact Value of a Dynamical System With Noise, Described by an Arbitrary Symmetrical Potential Profile

A. N. Malakhov, N. V. Agudov
The Kinetics of Liquid-Gas Phase Transitions of a Van der Waals Substance with Fluctuations Taken into Account

A.Yu.Chikishev, W.Ebeling, L.Schimanky-Geier, A.V.Netrebko, N.V.Netrebko, Yu.M.Romanovsky, E.G.Shidlovskaya, Russia
Stochastic claster dynamics of macromolecule

Oleg V. Muzychuk
Some Applications of Matrix Continued Fractions for Probable Description of Brownian Motions

Oleg V. Muzychuk
Some Probable Characteristics of "Beast-Sacrifice" System in Stochastic Medium

Andrey V. Polovinkin
Where is the Boundary of Adiabatic Approximation (of Quasi- statics) by Stochastic Resonance Consideration?

Andrey V. Polovinkin
The Metastable States in the System of Coupled Bistable Elements: Three Approaches to Mean Escape Time Estimation

Andrey A. Polezhaev and A. B. Goryachev
Noise-Induced Pattern Formation and Unpredictability of Competition in a Modified Volterra-Lotka Model

I. A. Khovanov, V. S. Anishchenko
The Peculiarities of the Effect of the Locking MSF by External Force in System with Dynamical Intermittency

V. S. Anishchenko, A. N. Silchenko, I.A. Khovanov
Mutual Synchronization of Switchings in Coupled Chaotic Systems

V. V. Uchaikin and G. G. Gusarov
Exactly Resolvable Model of Random Medium Based on the Stable Law Theory

A. F. Golubentsev, V. M. Anikin
1. Definition and Modeling of Infinite Chaotic Maps 2. Gauss Lemniscate Functions as Exact Solutions for Chaotic Maps 3. The difference scheme showing the stiff transition from a regular regime to a chaotic one

A. Neiman, W. Sung
The Non-Markovian Stochastic Resonance

V. T. Sarychev
Estimation of Spectrum and Chaos of Nonstationary Processes by Maximum Entropy Method

M.G. Aguero
The Cubic-Quintic Schroedinger Equation and the Generalized Coherent States

Thursday, July 11

Morning Chair: L. Schimansky--Geier
9:00 V.N. Belykh
Nonlocal Techniques for Chaotic Behavior and Synchronization of a Dynamical System

9:30 V. Biktashev
A Three--Dimensional Autowave Turbulence

10:00 L. Molgedey
Suppresseing Chaos in high dimensional Systems by Noise

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 H. Engel
Dynamics of Autowaves in Distributed Active Media

11:30 D.H. Nguyen
Inverse Problem in the Self-Organization of a Multi-agent System in Pattern Formation

12:00 A. Evangelisti
On Bifurcation and Chaos in Time Delay Feedback Systems

12:30 R. Schmitz
Diffusion in Media with Topological Disorder

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Volga tour on a ship

20:00 Conference banquet

Friday, July 12

Morning Chair: M. Hasler
9:00 A.S. Dmitriev
Communication as a Field Using Dynamical Chaos

9:45 J. Freund
Entropy Analysis of Noise Contaminated Binary Sequences

10:15 B. Hunt
Optimal Performance by Controlling Chaos

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 B.C. Lee
Global Bifurcation Approximation of Feedback Controlled Chaotic Systems

11:45 A. Iglesias
Synchronization and Control in Small Assemblies of Chaotic Systems

12:15 H. Benner
Analyzing and Controlling Chaos in Spin-Wave Instabilities

12:45 S.V. Ershov
On Mean Field Fluctuations in Globally Coupled Maps

13:00 Lunch break

Afternoon Chair: A.S.Dmitriev
15:00 S.M. Soskin
Periodically Driven Oscillator With Nonmonotonic Dependence of Eigenfrequency on Energy

15:30 S. Kaschenko
Asymptotical Behavior of Complicated Oscillations in Models of Autogenerators with Nonlinear Delaying Feedbacks

16:00 T. Kapitaniak
On Transverse Stability of Synchronized Chaotic Attractors

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 S.P. Kuznetsov
A Variety of Period-Doubling Universality Classes in Multi-Parameter Analysis of Transition to Chaos

17:30 Yu.L. Maistrenko
Regions of Synchronization in Piecewise Linear Systems

18:00 U. Feudel
Strange nonchaotic attractors in the quasiperiodically forced circle map

18:30 A.A. Kipchatov
High-dimensional oscillations from deterministic dynamical systems: Linear filtering

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Poster session
A.P. Chetverikov
Nonlinear Dynamics of a Model of Interacting waves in the Space with Partially Reflecting Boundaries

B.P. Bezruchko, V.I. Ponomarenko, Ye.P. Seleznev
Critical Phenomena and Fractality of Attraction Basin Boundaries in Unidirectionally Coupled Period Doubling Systems

B.P. Bezruchko, Ye.P. Seleznev
Features of Parameters Space Structure for Oscillator with Symmetric Soft-Spring Behavior

O.Ya. Butkovskii, Yu.A. Kravtsov
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Predictability for Nonadiabatic Transition

V.A. Danylenko, V.A. Vladimirov
Qualitative Analysis of the Self-Similar Solutions of Hydrodynamical Systems, Describing Media with Memory

Sergey D. Glyzin, Yaroslavl
Bifurcations of the Normal Form of Pair Weakly Linked Oscillators

P.V. Kuptsov and S.P. Kuznetsov, Saratov
Transition to a Fractal Attractor via On-Off Intermittency in a Model with Periodic Dichotomous Noise

S.P. Kuznetsov and E. Mosekilde
Absolute and Convective Instabilities in 1D Brusselator Flow Model

A. Makarenko
Finite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems and Complex Behavior in the Hydrodynamical Models With the Memory Effects

I.V. Pentegov and V.N. Sidorets
Interval Dimension of Strange Attractors

V.I. Ponomarenko, S.A. Rakitin, Ye.P. Seleznev
Multistable Periodic and Chaotic States in Symmetrically Coupled Period Doubling Systems

M.D. Prokhorov
Oscillation Types of Dissipatively Coupled Period-Doubling Systems at Large Coupling

V.N. Sidorets
Properties of the Chaotic Oscillations in Electric Circuit With Arc

V.S. Anishchenko, V.V. Astakhov, A.V. Shabunin, G.I. Strelkova
Fourier Analysis of Symmetrically Coupled Chua's Oscillators

T.E. Vadivasova, O.V. Sosnovtseva, A. Tsarev
Destruction of Quasiperiodic Oscillations and Appearance of Attractors with Complex Structure

V.V. Astakhov, A.V. Shabunin, A.N. Silchenko, G.I. Strelkova, V.S. Anishchenko
Controlling Chaos in the System of Coupled Chua's Oscillators

V.G. Anfinogentov
Investigations of the Pattern Formation in the Electron flow with Virtual Cathode

I.A. Ermolaev, A.I. Zhbanov, V.S. Koshelev
Simulation of Rayleigh-Benard Convection by Finite Elements Method

Ermolaev I.A., Zhbanov A.I., Koshelev V.S.
Numerical Simulation of Natural Convection Secondary Regimes Arising After Losses of Base Flow Stability

A.A. Kipchatov and S.V. Podin
Application of the Adaptive Filtering for the Construction of Two-Parameter Bifurcation Diagrams of the Flow Systems

A.A. Kipchatov and E.L. Kozlenko
Unlimited Dimension Increase of Chaotic Attractors under Linear Filtering

Over the Edge of Chaos: Rethinking the Relationship Between Chaos, Complexity, and Emergent Order; Implementations for Novel Types of Computation

Saturday, July 13

Morning Chair: V.N. Belykh
9:00 F. Feudel
Symmetry breaking bifurcations for the ABC forced MHD equations

9:30 E.I. Volkov
Symmetry breaking bifurcations in the chain of inhibitory coupled relaxation oscillators

10:00 Y. Uwano
A Differential Geometric Approach to a Quantum Counterpart of Bifurcations in a Certain Class of 1:1 Resonant Hamiltonian Systems

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 V. Toronov
Geometric Structure of the Complex Lorenz Model

11:30 R.C. Venkatesan
Computational Evaluation of Invariant Sensitivity in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Using the Feynman Path Integral Formalism

12:00 S. Bielawski
A New Kind of Spatiotemporal Systems in Optics

12:30 D. Derozier
Global torsions of the template in a subharmonic driven fiber laser

13:00 Lunch break

Afternoon Chair: L.A. Melnikov
15:00 L.P. Svirina
Polarization Dynamical Phenomena in Gas Lasers with Anisotropic Cavities

15:30 M.Munkel
Spatio-temporal Dynamics in Semiconductor Lasers with Delayed Optical Feedback

17:30 S.N. Bagayev
Spatial and Temporal Selforganization of bacterial population under Condition of Scarcity of Substrate Contributors

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 I.E. Protsenko
Multistability in a Thin Layer Semiconductor Laser with Inclined External Cavity

17:30 B.N. Poizner
Computer Simulation of Selforganization and Selforganization Phenomena in Nonlinear Fizeau Interferometer

18:00 R. Petruskevicius
Nonlinear Dynamics of Self-Diffraction at Leaky Wave Resonances

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Poster session
Yu.N. Zayko The Features of Geometrical Phase of Modulated Wave Propagated in Plane Waveguide D.A. Usanov, A.B. Skripal, B.C. Tyazjlov, A.B. Vasil'ev
Excitation of Subharmonics in an GaAs amplifire

Yu.N. Zayko, I.S. Nefedov
Dynamical Chaos in a Nonlinear Dielectric with the First Kind Phase Transition

G.F. Pronchenkova, N.P. Chesnokova, L.A. Melnikov
The infrared laser effect on the dynamic of metabolic activity in experimental wound processes

N.N. Rosanov, S.V. Fedorov, G.V. Khodova, A.G. Vladimirov
Laser Autosolitons: Bifurcation Analysis, Stability and Interactions

Yu.A. Avetisyan and E.D. Trifonov
Nonlinear Dynamics of the Counter-propagating Waves in Superradiance

Y. Karni and E.E. Nikitin
Quantum Tunneling Through Classical Chaos

P.G. Akishin, I.V. Puzynin, S.I. Vinitsky
Pair collision transition operators for the three-body problem on a line

P.G. Akishin, S.I. Vinitsky
Spectral problem for plane periodical structures

A.G. Lavkin, Saratov State University
On Scenario of the Chaos Evolution in the Quark-Gluon System

V.N. Skokov and V.P. Koverda
Thermal Autowaves and Dynamics of Vapour Bubbles During Joule Self-Heating of Thin Films of High-Temperature Superconductors Cooled by Boiling Nitrogen

S.A. Tatarkova, V.V. Tuchin
Bifurcation mechanisms, properties and structure of the choatic attractors in the laser model with saturable absorber

Yu.S. Gangnus
Dynamics of quasisolitons in the dispersive and nonlinear field systems

A.I. Konukhov, L.A. Melnikov, M.V. Ryabinina
Vector-field transverse-pattern dynamic in a laser with axial magnetic field

V.V. Rozhdestvensky
Synchronization of Two-Dimensional Mappings by External Periodical Signal

V.V. Rozhdestvensky, Yu.V. Rozhdestvensky
Experimental Study of Synchronization of Broadband Autostochastical Oscillator by External Periodical Signal

Sunday, July 14

9:00 Meeting summary and discussion (organizers)

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Departure

SPIE International Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Structure in Biology and Medicine: Optical and Laser Technologies

Hotel "Slovakia", Saratov, Russia

July 8- 14, 1996

Friday, July 12

Morning Chair: B.Masters
9:00 A.V. Priezzhev, Russia
Study of oscillatory dynamic phenomena in blood in vitro and in vivo by laser

9:30 M.A.Dellavecchia, USA
Quasi-elastic light scattering in early detection of cataractogenesis in human eye lens (provisional title)

10:00 C.Su, H.S.Ding, J.Bai, B.Chance, P.R. China, USA
Evaluation of the light field distribution in scattering medium using simulation method

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 A.V.Priezzhev, Yu.M.Romanovsky, D.A.Pavlov, V.A.Teplov, Russia
Complex regimes of the contractile activity in amoeboid cell. Laser diagnostics of untracellular flows and mathematical models

11:30 V.I.Fedorov, Russia
Reliability theory analysis of the regularity of cell proliferation

12:00 V.A. Dubrovsky, I.V. Scherbakova, Russia
Immune complexing mechanism analysis in vitro on the base of optical and computer modeling

12:30 Yu.B.Porozov, G.E.Brill, V.F.Kirichuk, Russia
Modification of the cordiac activity in the He-Ne laser irradiation of the pacemaker

13:00 Lunch break

Afternoon Chairman V.V.Tuchin
15.00 B.R.Masters, USA
Confocal microscopy of in vivo human skin and corner

15:30 B.R.Masters, USA
Fractal analysis of normal human retinal blood vessels

16:00 P.J.David, D.N.Tripathi, India
Aggregation mechanism in blood platelets seen through light scattering

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 I.V.Meglinsky, D.A.Boas, A.G.Yodh, B.Chance, Russia, USA
In vivo study and imaging of blood flow changes using diffusing wave correlation techniques

17:30 D.A.Zimnyakov, Russia
Scattered fields dimensionality analysis using spatial speckle correlometry

18:00 M.M.Stolnitz, Russia
Mathematical modelling of cell proliferation dynamics in psoriatic epidermis sensitized by the furocoumarins under UVA-radiation

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Poster Session
I.Nefedov and D.A.Zimnyakov, Russia
Simulation of the optically inhomogeneous scattering structures using fractal multilayer model

I.S.Peretochkin, D.A.Zimnyakov, Russia
"Micro-focusing" effect in far-diffraction zone for fractal-like scatterers

G.F.Pronchenkova, N.P.Chesnokova, L.A.Melnikov, Russia
The infrared laser effect on the dynamic of metabolic activity in experimental wound processes

D.A.Zimnyakov, A.A.Mishin, K.V.Larin, V.V.Tuchin, Russia
Imaging of biological structures with pre-fractal properties using spatial speckle-correlometry technique

A.B.Pravdin, S.P.Chernova, A.A.Kudryashov, Russia
On the dynamics of UV bleaching of epidermis autofluorescence

V.I.Izotova, I.L. Maksimova, S.V.Romanov, Russia
Dynamics of light scattering matrix in process of scatterers aggregation. Crystalline lens model

S.Yu.Kuz'min, Russia
Heart beat detection using speckle statistics analysis

A.A.Bednov, E.I.Zakharova, G.E.Brill, V.V.Tuchin, Russia
Statistical analysis of dynamic characteristics of biofluides using speckle interferometric method

P.Yu.Starukhin, S.S.Ulyanov, V.V.Tuchin, Russia
Monte Carlo simulation of laser light transport with a small number of scattering events

A.A.Chaussky, V.P.Ryabukho, V.V.Tuchin, Russia
Optical testing of random phase objects using focused spatially modulated laser beam

G.G.Akchurin, Russia
Spatial -temporal optical oscillations in feedback systems and eye-brain model

A.H.Mavlyutov, Yu.P.Sinichkin, S.R.Utz, Russia
Investigation ofskin blood content dynamics using MC method

J.Clauwaert, S.Tatarkova, T.Aerts, Russia, Nitherlandes
Light Scaterring by Concentrated Solutions of Bovine Alfa-Crystalline Proteins

V.V. Tuchin, D.M. Zhestkov, Russia
Tissue structure and eye lens transmission and scaterring spectra