The International Conference on

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (ICND-96)

Applications in Physics, Biology and Medicine

Hotel "Slovakia", Saratov

You can see "Slovakia" hotel on the first page of www-server
as the largest building just near the bridge across the Volga river

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The International conference ICND-96 will be held in Saratov at hotel "SLOVAKIA" JULY 8-14, 1996. The hotel is situated at a central and most beautiful location in the center of the city, close to the Volga river. It has all necessary facilities for work and rest.

Concurrently the SPIE International Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Structures in Biology and Medicine: Optical and Laser Technologies will be held.

Conference topics:
  • Bifurcations and Chaos
  • Nonlinear Waves and Structure Formation
  • Noise-Induced Phase Transitions
  • Self-Organization
  • Nonlinear Brownian Motion
  • Numerical Methods and Computer Simulation
  • Controlling Chaos
  • Statistical and Qualitative Theories of Dynamical Systems
  • Stochastic Resonance
  • Stochastic Processes and their Applications in Biology
  • Granular Media
  • Dynamics of Electronic Circuits and Systems
  • Signal Processing and Diagnostics in Medicine and Biology
  • Lasers and Optical Systems
  • Laser and Optical Technologies in
  • Biomedicine
Organized by:
Saratov State University

In cooperation with:

W. Ebeling (Germany), F. Moss (USA), D.I. Trubetskov (Russia)

V.S. Anishchenko (Russia)-Chairman
P. Hanggi (Germany)
A.R. Bulsara (USA)
F.Marchesoni (Italy)
P.V.E. McClintock (UK)
V.V. Tuchin (Russia)
L.Chua (USA)

ICND-96 Local Organizing Committee
A. Neiman (Tech. progr. chair)
Yu. Bilenko
G. Strelkova
N. Janson
D. Postnov
S. Tatarkova
A. Kipchatov
B. Shulgin
V. Toronov
L. Krasichkov
O. Sosnovtseva
A. Zborovsky


G. Strelkova, ICND-96 Secretariat
Lab. of Nonl. Dynamics
Dept. of Physics, Saratov State University
Astrakhanskaya str. 83, 410071 Saratov, Russia

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