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Сотрудники кафедры радиофизики и нелинейной динамики, занимаясь решением фундаментальных и прикладных задач в радиофизике, нелинейной динамике, теории колебаний и статистической физике, сотрудничают с различными коллективами в России и за ее пределами. На странице приведена информация о различных научных группах с их краткой информацией о себе.

Theoretical Physics group in Potsdam

Our research focuses on non-equilibrium statistical physics, soft matter and theoretical biological physics, as well as physically motivated data science. Key topics include the theory and applications of normal and anomalous stochastic processes, gene regulation, crowding in biological cells, (bio)polymer physics, as well as Bayesian maximum likelihood and machine learning analyses. Effects of disorder, annealed or quenched, interacting particles, or non-stationary dynamics are studied. Our methods are analytics, numerics (Mathematica etc), and simulations (Langevin dynamics, Monte Carlo, etc). We collaborate with a number of theoretical and experimental groups worldwide.

Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics and Theory of Complex Systems and Neurophysics

The group interested in Stochastic Processes including noise-induced phenomena in condensed matter and in complex system, stochastic dynamics, Brownian transport in confined geometries, nonlinear dynamics in coupled oscillator systems - deterministic escape, computational neuroscience, active particles; Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics including impact of fluctuations in diffusion-controlled reactions, turbulent mixing and turbulent dispersion, spreading processes in biology (epidemics) and chemistry, disordered networks, anomalous diffusion, mathematical tools: fractional diffusion- and Fokker-Planck equation, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, polymer chains with nonlinear interactions, Brownian motors, fracture mechanics, intracellular dynamics of calcium; Theory of Complex Systems and Neurophysics including dynamics of single stochastic neurons and neuronal populations, information transmission in neural systems, short-term synaptic plasticity, auditory signal transduction by hair cells, stochastic models of biological motility, active Brownian particles and other stochastic models with nonlinear friction, transport and diffusion in nonlinear potentials, first-passage-time problems with time-dependent driving or colored noise.

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