Nonlinear Dynamics of Deterministic and
Unraveling Complexity

General information

From the dynamics of the solar system to the functioning of the nerve cell of a snail, nonlinear phenomena are related to some of the most intriguing features of the world around us. In the form of self-sustained oscillations, synchronization, bifurcations, pattern formation, and various forms of chaos, nonlinear dynamic phenomena are manifest in physical, chemical, ecological and biological systems. Life itself is characterized by the large number of mutually interacting rhythmic processes it sustains. Nonlinear dynamic phenomena are also important for many types of engineering systems, and the same type of phenomena may be involved in the generation of complex forms of economic and managerial dynamics.

The topics of the Conference include

• Nonlinear dynamics and synchronization • Nonlinear dynamics of stochastic systems

• Applications in chemistry, physics and engineering • Applications in Biology and Medicine • Applications in Time Series Analysis

This Conference is dedicated to 70th birthday of Prof. Dr. Vadim Anishchenko.

It is organized by Saratov State University being one of the oldest and leading educational centers of Russia