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Saratov State University

One of the five buildings
of the university architectural ensemble in 1914 year

Saratov State University was opened in 1909 year by verdict of the Emperor Nicolas II. The university buildings was built under supervision of Carl Mufke in classical style.

The university was named after the Emperor as "Saratov Emperor Nicolas II University". The prime-minister of Russia and the former Saratov guvernior Pyotr Stolypin played an important role in the foundation of the University.

Pictures of the university buildings at CNIT

It was the 10th University opened in the Russian Empire (the fifth in nowadays Russian Federation), and the first university opened in the South of Russia

The university has 8 departments with 69 chairs:
  • Physics Department
  • Mathematics and Mechanics Department
  • Chemistry Department
  • Biology Department
  • Geology Department
  • Philology Department
  • History Department
  • Geography Department
Since 1909 year, the Saratov Medical Institute, the Saratov Law Institute, the Saratov Economical Institute, and the Saratov Pedagogic Institute were separated from the Saratov State University.

Pyotr Arkadievich Stolypin
Saratov State University also include:

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