We never know how high we are

Till we are asked to rise

And then if we are true to plan

Our statures touch the skies --

The Heroism we recite

Would be a normal thing

Did not ourselves the Cubits warp

For fear to be a King

(Emily Dickinson)

Fields of scientific interests ("Great ships require deep water"):
  • Bifurcation analysis of coupled systems
  • Synchronization phenomenon

Current work ("The more you have the more you want"):
  • Destruction of ergodic torus
  • Appearance of strange nonchaotic attractor

Last papers ("A bird may be known by its song"):
  • V.S.Anishchenko, T.E.Vadivasova, O.Sosnovtseva "Mechanisms of Ergodic Torus Destruction and Appearance of Strange Nonchaotic Attractor", Phys.Rev.E, V.53, N.5, p.4451-4457, 1996.
  • V.S.Anishchenko, T.E.Vadivasova, O.Sosnovtseva "Strange Nonchaotic Attractor in Autonomous and Periodically Driven Systems", Phys.Rev.E, V 54, N.4, p.3231-3235, 1996.
  • O.Sosnovtseva, T.E.Vadivasova, V.S.Anishchenko "Evolution of Complex Oscillations in a Quasiperiodically Forced Chain", Phys.Rev.E, 1997 (submitted)

The topic of my thesis is "Structure and properties of attractors in nonautonomous and coupled dynamical systems"

  • Chapter I: Synchronization by external forcing. Spatio-temporal synchronization.
  • Chapter II: Multistability phenomenon and mutual synchronization in coupled systems.
  • Chapter III: Destruction of 2-D ergodic torus and appearance of strange nonchaotic attractor.

Hobbies ("Tastes differ"):
  • World literature
  • Art
  • Sport (ski, biathlon)


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