1996 SPIE International Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Structures in Biology and Medicine: Optical and Laser Technologies

Collocated with and a part of the
International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos.
Applications in Physics, Biology and Medicine

8-15 July 1996. Saratov, Russia.

Organizers of the Workshop:
Saratov State University
International Laser Center at Moscow State University

Cosponsors of the Workshop:
SPIE/Russia - The International Society for Optical Engineering, Russian Chapter
Russian Higher School Educational Committee

Cooperating Organization:
SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Workshop Chair: Valery V.Tuchin, Saratov State Univ. (Russia)

Program Committee:

This Meeting will address issues pertinent to providing application of nonlinear dynamics methods in combination with optical and laser technologies for biological objects and living systems, chaotic and complicated dynamical behavior monitoring as well as cell structures formation analysis. Such an interdisciplinary area of science and application is expected to be of great interest for the development of the 21 century medical technologies. It is the goal of the Workshop to assist in the exchange of information among biologists, physicians, physicists, mathematicians, optical engineers and computer users to facilitate the future progress in the development of optical and laser technologies, based on nonlinear dynamics approach, for diagnosis and therapy of dangerous diseases of the present and upcoming century, such as heart diseases, cancer, psoriasis, mentally illness, and many others which manifest as a breach of biological organism autocontrolling systems on the level of molecule, cell, organ, or organism.

Papers are solicited on the following and related topics:
Optical estimation and monitoring of nonlinear dynamical motion of microorganisms, cells, cellular structures, cell parts (blood and lymph cells flow, spermatozoon, bacteria and similar bioobjects motion, organelles movements)
Optical signal processing of nonlinear cardiovibrations, pulse waves, eyeball movements, inner ear strucrures motions, breathing etc.
NIR optical monitoring of nonlinearities in the optic nerve and human brain functioning.
Spatial-temporal mode dynamics (optical imaging of the cell structures, optical monitoring of fractal point processes and structures in biological medicine, optical neural networks approach for bio-structures recognition and analysis, etc).
Cell proliferation nonlinear dynamics and light control (PUVA therapy and PDT mechanisms, fundamentals of the light protection of radiation sickness, etc).

Boris Shulgin /boris@chaos.ssu.runnet.ru