The full cost of participation in the Conference ICND-96 includes expenses for accommodation in the hotel, meals at the hotel restaurant, excursions and the registration fee. Thanks the financial support of our local sponsors the Organizing Committee covers 50% of the full cost of the conference holding but, unfortunately, there is no possibility to pay all expenses.

Each participant of the Conference must pay the participation fee including:
  1. The registration fee excluding accompanying persons - $100.
  2. The expenses for meals during the Conference - $140.
  3. Living expenses at the hotel "Slovakia" (from July 7 to July 14):

The participation fee (accommodation, meals and the registration fee) must be paid upon arrival at the registration. In this case you might use travellers cheques "Visa" and "American Express". To cash the travellers cheques in Saratov you have to pay 4% of commission.