Arrival day normally is July 7.

We can suggest you the following ways:

  1. Until 14.00 July 7 you have to fly to the international airport "Sheremetievo-2" ( Moscow ). You will be met by the Organizing Committee. The bus labeled "ICND-96" will wait for you nearby the airport exit.
    At 15.00 we plan to leave the international airport and to get to the domestic airport "Domodedovo".
    At 18.30 flight 761 will depart to Saratov.
    At 20.00 we look forward to meet you at Saratov airport.

    To enjoy this way you have to book a ticket from your country to Moscow (any airline company you like) and ticket from Moscow to Saratov ("Aeroflot" company).

  2. July 6 you have to take the train "Berlin-Saratov" (Germany, Berlin, "Lichtenberg" railway station).
    July 8 it will arrive at Saratov where you will be met by the Organizing Committee.

  3. If you can not use the ways listed above you can take the domestic trains from Moscow to Saratov which leave Moscow July 6 in the evening from Paveletsky railway station. In this case we have to make necessary reservations for you in advance.

Departure day normally is July 14.

There are two flights from Saratov to Moscow:


6.50 (departure) --- 8.15 (arrival at Moscow)
16.05 (departure) --- 17.30 (arrival at Moscow)

Choose, please, the flight which is conveniet for you and book a return ticket in advance in your country ("Aeroflot" company)